Jaime has been practicing yoga since 2008 and graduated from Kripalu Yoga Institute 200-hour Teacher Training in 2011. She found her practice allowed for a greater compassion and connection with herself. Through her yoga practice, she gained a better understanding of the interconnections that link body, mind, spirit, earth, and sky together and a consciousness of the interdependence among those elements. Outside of her yoga community, she works for a nonprofit in sustainability and responsible investing.

Jaime’s teaching merges the mindfulness and self-study of Kripalu Yoga, the fluidity of vinyasa flow, and the grounding awareness of environmental consciousness. She cultivates nonjudgmental awareness in the individual through posture exercises, breath awareness, and meditation. She allows students to follow their own breath and modify postures to fit their bodies to allow for a deeper inquiry and connection within the self. A combination of posture flow and sustaining poses offers students different mediums to use their inner strength, balance, and breath. She believes that we can take what we learn on the mat and apply these lessons to our everyday life, creating more space, connection, and balance. In her teachings she incorporates a consciousness of environmental awareness and our interconnection with the earth.

Jaime is also certified in prenatal yoga through Om Births.


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